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Robotics Special Applications Venture Forums road show.

October. We will be travelling around for three weeks pitching our presentation to VC firms in Venture Forums in order to line up investors.

Elevator Pitch:

Windturbine manufacturing is a 20 billion € a year market, where 70% are windturbine construction cost.
Robotics offers windturbine manufactures technology to paint towers (ToCoa) and blades (BladeCoa) with an efficient and uniquely robot system.
Giving our clientes the ability to save up to 2.000€ per day in operating cost.
Robotics is not a local company, our goal is to be present there where our client are, being a confidence partner in his daily improvement. Already have contacts in Europe, the United States and Asia.
Our team has decades of experience in the robotics industry, 3D mechanical design, electronic desing, and control software applications (CsPro). My partners and I have worked together side by side for several years developing several robots project wideworld.
Our competitors such as Muehlhan and Bladetreatment have had much success in the Danish market, despite several limitations.
Robotics isn't just a specialized company in the DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT and MANUFACTURING of AUTOMATION SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY for INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES, according to the concept of "TURNKEY PROJECTS".  We work with companies globally, through all stages of process developing, and across all industries.
We are looking for an investment to complete this round to be used for new developments, employee building, increased office space, and marketing.
We have a compelling two page executive summary that I would like to send you. Would you like to receive a copy?

Forum Presentation: