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The Wind Turbine Tower painting system becomes much more powerfull:
The ToCoa simulator is already launched, you will be able to create new painting strategies from your desktop.
A great tool for plant engineer who could simulate the complete painting system from his office.
¿Do you want to try it?
Ask for a ToCoa Simulator demo at:
The program user interface “Tower Coating Robot” arranges the following features:
  1. State indications
  2. Working mode control
  3. Display selection
  4. Selected display
  5. Menu bar
ToCoa Quick user guide
Ten easy step to startup ToCoa (Wind Turbine Tower Coating Robot):
  1. Switch on the control closet through the primary switch that is placed in the right side of the control closet.
  2. Initialize windows session.
  3. In case the robot application has not started automatically make double click in the desktop icon Tocoa.
  4. In the screen bottom the emergencies which could be activated are showed, giving information about the security issue which causes it.
  5. Once the emergencies showed by the system have been cleared up, we must switch on the electrical command of the machine by pressing the button “connection command” for two seconds time. The taillamp will light up.
  6. Select the automatic display by pressing the button with the text Autmatic placed in the left side.
  7. Check the following parameters that appear in the automatic screen:
    1. Select the tube introduced in the painting shop in the catalog list.
    2. Make sure that the tube introduced in the painting shop fits with the tube selected. If not select the correct tube in the drop-down list Catalog selection.
    3. Press the button Confirm of the data group Catalog to load the catalog to work with.
    4. Select the paint layer that is about to be painted.
    5. Finally,  press the button Start in order to startup the automatic operating mode of the Tower Coting Robot
  8. Once the paint selected has been painted the machine clears up the paint dispenser before returning to its origin position. Eventually the machine stops its operation in automatic mode. Therefore it’s not necessary to press the Stop button.
  9. Press the button Disconnection command (in the control closet, see image above) to turn off the machine.
  10. Close the application. When the application shuts down the machine is previously turned off.